Thursday, 8 October 2015

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Video Games Are Bad For You?

Video games are bad from you? quote from Shigeru Miyamoto

"Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll." ~ Shigeru Miyamoto (genius behind Nintendo classics such as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., as well as more recent titles like Pikmin, Luigi's Mansion and Metroid Prime)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Lost Gaming Treasure - Wolfang Kramer's Hacienda HD for the iOS by Cube Your Mind

When it comes to apps, I am always on the look out for a good board game adaptation. Cube Your Mind's version of Hacienda fits everything I'm looking for. First, it's a good game that I also enjoy playing in it's cardboard format. Secondly, the game plays smoothly and has an intuitive interface. The third and final winning point being that it has a solid A.I.

The board game version of Hacienda has been out for about ten years. It's a game I have played easily well over a hundred times. A game I know the rules to well, enough so that I am comfortable with teaching it to others at public play events. It's probably up there in my top twenty-five or so favourite games.

All of which is to say Hacienda is a game I enjoy playing on a fairly regular basis, though I will say it's been hitting the table less frequently. It is also a game I normally win at. So imagine my surprise when I first tried out the app version and the A.I. kicked my butt. I was frustrated and surprised. But really, an AI that can beat me is a fantastic part of an app game. It's not fun to just win all the time. Yawn. Boring.

Flash forward a few weeks and having played the iPad version of the game quite a bit I've gotten to the point where I can beat the A.I. now... most of the time. Again, I find this frustrating but fantastic all at the same time. Playing versus the A.I. in this app actually taught me to look at the game play in new ways and upped my game. Pretty cool, right?

Other happy things to note:

The tutorial does a great job of walking you through the rules if you've never played the board game version, or are a bit rusty on the specifics.

The game also has pass-and-play functionality, something I always look for in iOS games. I love being able to pull the iPad mini out of my purse and play a game with hubby while out for coffee or dinner.

Unfortunately this one qualifies as a "lost gaming treasure" as it seems to no longer be available for download through the iTunes store, and as far as I can tell Cube Your Mind has gone out of business (their website is defunct, and I can't find any recent references).

Saturday, 3 October 2015

App Of The Week: I am Bread

My nephew has a Youtube channel called MrTBakin.  I asked him if he could do a review for us for this week's App Of The Week.

He decided to check out I am Bread for us:

Get it for your iPhone here.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Perler Bead Patterns - Video Game Edition

My boys love perler beads, and my hubby and I find them kind of fun to play around with as well.   So I thought I would do a Perler Bead Pattern round up for Video Game Characters. 

Here are 100 that I found!

1. Ludwig Von Koopa Perler Bead Pattern
2. Roy Koopa Perler Bead Pattern
3. Ms. Pacman
4. DeadPool
5. Mega Man Dr. Willy
6. Mega Man
7. Banjo Koozie
8. Cloud Stife
9. Rogue The Bat
10. Space Invaders
11.  Animal Crossing - Rosie
12. Animal Crossing - Bob
13. Animal Crossing - Mitzi
14. Animal Crossing - Olivia
15. Animal Crossing - Tom
16. Animal Crossing - Rover
17. Animal Crossing - Kabuki
18. Animal Crossing - Kitty
19. Skeik from Legend of Zelda
20. Donkey Kong
21. Morton Koopa
22. Larry Koopa
23. Legend of Zelda
24. Pac-Man Ghost Light Switch
25. Nintendo Bomberman
26. Super Mario 2 Turnip
27.  Super Mario 2 Turnip 2
28. Waluigi
29. Princess Peach
30. Super Mario Luma Star
31. Wario
32. Creeper
33. Super Mario
34. Legend of Zelda - Link
35. Luigi
36. Toad
37. Peach
38. Mario
39. Creeper
40. Mario and Yoshi
41. Link Original
42. Mario Star
43. Yoshi
44. Princess Zelda
45. PvsZ Jalepeno
46. PvsZ Split Pea
47. PvsZ Threepeater
48. PvsZ Peashooter
49. PvsZ Cherry Bomb
50. PvsZ Chomper
51. Mario Fireball
52. Mario
53. Link
54. Mario
55. DrMario Blue Virus
56. DrMario Yellow Virus
57. Mario Kart Ink Thing
58. Kirby
59. Sonic
60. Tails Exe
61. Deads Pool
62. Sonic Exe
63. Mario Fire Flower
64. Mario Ice Flower
65. Piranha Plant
66. Kirby
67. Yoshi Victory Pose
68. Mario Plant
69. Toad Victory Pose
70. Princess Peach Kart
71. Mario Bow
72. Luigi Bow
73. 3D Creeper
74. Megaman Hit
75. Mario Perler Bead
76. Silly Boo
77. Zelda Sword Combo
78. Pac-Man Board
79. Johnny Cage
80. SubZero
81. Scorpion
82. Liu Kang
83. Kano
84. Raiden
85. Sonya Blade
86. Goro
87. Shang Tsung
88. Yoshi and Baby Mario
89. Pink Yoshi
90. Link and Birds
91. Donkey Kong
92. Megaman
93. Animal Crossing - Stitching
94. Blinky
95. Om Nom
96. Vanellope
97. Luma
98. Shy Boo
99. Master Chief
100. Master Chief 2

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