Sunday, 5 July 2015

Surprisingly Addictive Coin Dozer

I love playing games on my iphone when I am waiting on something. I recently discovered Coin Dozer

This surprisingly addictive game, is just like what you would see at an arcade. Whenever I am stuck having fun at Chuck E Cheese, I am playing Coin Dozer or something similar.  I find it is great for spitting out tickets, and using up tokens, which are my 2 goals at Chuck E Cheese LOL.

I really didn't think this game would be all that fun, and seriously thought, ok it will be a quick post for the blog.  That was the sole purpose of downloading this game.

Now I am totally addicted.   I really thought it was funny that in the iTunes description it says:

The mega addictive time waster game you and your kids have spent countless hours playing, now in the palm of your hand! No cash, quarters, bulldozer, or trip to Vegas needed.

It totally is a time waster, but so fun and addictive.

Push shiny gold coins and exciting prizes into your hands by dropping some from your pocket through the slots and into the coin pusher.   When you are pushing some of your coins will drop off the side, and I have seen some of my bonuses fall down there and I yell NO! LOL Hubby and the boys think I got bad news, and I am like no my XP bonus coin fell off the side!

You can get boosters like walls that will protect the sides so all your coins and prizes go straight to you!

This is a free game, although you can buy the pro version, which I might do next.  So far I have found the free version great, and totally not needing to pay for anything. I hate when the free version means you really have to buy in app purchases to get anywhere.  You can for sure do that with this app, but I haven't found that you need to.

You can earn everything you want for free to keep playing.  You can also watch ads for other games and things to get more coins or Dozer Dollars to buy boosts.  I choose to do this since I need to find more games to play so I can share with you. But it's not needed to have a totally fun experience.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

App Of The Week - Yahtzee Buddies

Yahtzee has been a family classic game for my family since I was young.  We use to take it on trips, camping, or whatever.  If no one else was up to playing, my younger sister and I use to play.  These days I don't have as many people who want to play Yahtzee around, so I don't get to play very often.

While looking up new apps for App Of The Week, I found the Yahtzee Buddies app.

If you are a fan of Yahtzee, this has all the fun of Yahtzee in an app.  You can defeat a new DiceMaster each day to win Bonus Rolls, score Custom Dice and test your skills.

You don't have to have a friends playing to play, although it does make it more fun.  You can just get a random person matched up with you.  You can customize your dice, and it even pairs with Apple Watch if you have it.

It is very simple to play, and you can follow the tutorial, although even if I hadn't I would've been able to figure it out super easily.

Friday, 3 July 2015


While looking online I discovered the 007 THUNDERBALL UNDERWATER BATTLE GAME.  This is a very rare game at this point, and I've seen it priced for around $1650 USD.

This game came out in 1965, and was for 2-4 players, aged 8 and up.

The Thunderball game is themed after James Bond 007, of course, and is based on the under underwater battle sequence from the movie Thunderball - Largo v. James Bond!

Some of the fun features this game includes is colorful plastic scuba swimmer figures on clear plastic pedestals with metal bases. There are also similarly mounted shark figures. The battle takes place on a glossy seascape mapboard. Rules are printed inside the lid.

I know this would be something my hubby and I would love to own, as we love watching Bond, and this is one of the movies that I enjoy!  Although the price tag is a little steep currently LOL

What say you, would you play?

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gamer Girl Giveaways - Week of July 2

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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Totally Trektacular Crochet Patterns - Star Trek

Star Trek has a bit of a resurgence since the new cast has taken over the Enterprise.  I have been surrounded by Trekkies my whole life, so while I wouldn't consider myself a Star Trek fan until the new group, I have watched many hours of it over the years.

I thought I would share some Star Trek Crochet Patterns with my fellow geeks!  Also look at our knitting patterns as well!

7. Worf

10. Spock

Monday, 29 June 2015

Totally Trektackular Round Up AKA Star Trek Knitting Patterns

Star Trek has a bit of a resurgence since the new cast has taken over the Enterprise.  I have been surrounded by Trekkies my whole life, so while I wouldn't consider myself a Star Trek fan until the new group, I have watched many hours of it over the years.

I thought I would share some Star Trek Knitting Patterns with my fellow geeks!  Also look out for the crochet patterns as well!

1. Star Trek Pot Holders
2. Star Trek Junior Onsie
3. Star Trek Enterprise Dish Cloth
4. Beer Koozie
5. Star Trek Socks
6. Star Trek Uniform Beer Koozie
7. Deep Space 9 Baseball Hat
8. Vulcan Lyre Pot Holder
9. Star Trek Command Pillows
10. Knitted Glasses Case
11. Fingerless Mittens
12. Ships of Star Trek Hat
13. Borg Fingerless Gloves
14. Dishcloth and Hot Pad
15. Trekking Hat
16. Star Trek Square
17. Baby Trekkie Washcloth
18. Spock Ears
19. Scotty's Hat
20. Spock Chart
21. Where No One Has Gone Before Cowl
22. Live Long and Keep Warm Hat
23. Capt Picard Would Wear These Socks
24. Uhura Wrap
25. Starship Enterprise
26. Vulcan Salute Pot Holder
27. Guinan Hat
28. Montgomery Scott's Hat
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