Friday, 21 November 2014

Video Game Review Worksheet

Here at And She Games we are all about gaming, and incorporating your love of gaming into life.  I am a firm believer of getting my boys to do school type work without them realizing it. 

With 3 current blogs, a independent sales business, and 3 boys, sometimes I have way more work then I have time.  So I have been paying my boys to do reviews for me, either of toys, or games that we play.  However, sometimes the information given is subpar.  Also I want to get them thinking and expanding their story telling.  That's why I love this post from our friend Lisa over at The Canadian Homeschooler:

If your kids are anything like mine (aka video game junkies), you might wonder how in the world to use their passion for something good instead of just mindlessness. After much mulling it over, I thought that encouraging their love of gaming to help them learn the art of reviewing and critiquing would be a great idea.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Gamer Girl Giveaways Week Nov 20

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Fake Mustaches & Gentlemanly Satisfaction {Wordless Wednesday}

A Dual Betwixt Us is a silly two player card game which bills itself as "A Comedy of Manners and Mayhem".

Got to love any game where the rule book actually recommends that you wear fake mustaches while playing.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Video Game List Ks

At And She Games we love all kinds of gaming, and all types of games! So we have been curating some Ultimate Game Lists to show off to you!  We have been working our way through the The Ultimate Board Games List for a while now, and would love if you would check that out as well!

We wanted to work on Video Games next.   But first, let me say that there are a lot of video games out there.  Every type and variety, and I am sure we will miss some a long the way.  Also since some games and systems are obsolete and "current" can be a relative term, we went with 2005 and newer, and as many as we can find.

We would love your input on any we may miss along the way!  We would also love to hear your thoughts of some of these games.  If you would like to write a review of the game on our blog (we can link back to your game or business), please email us.

Check out the other letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J


Killzone Series

Killzone is a first-person and third-person shooter series of video games. The series began on the PlayStation 2 in November 2004 with Killzone, and continued on the PlayStation Portable in October 2006 with Killzone: Liberation. Killzone 2 was released for the PlayStation 3 in February 2009, and Killzone 3 was released in February 2011, also for the PlayStation 3. Killzone: Mercenary was released for the PlayStation Vita in September 2013, followed by Killzone Shadow Fall in November 2013, which was a launch title for the PlayStation 4.

The series is about the galactic war between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the Helghast. The Killzone series follows the continuous war between the ISA and Helghast taking place on both ISA Earth colonies and the planet Helghan, the home planet of the Helghast.

Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4


Kinect Adventures!

Kinect Adventures! is a 2010 sports video game for the Xbox 360.  The game is a collection of five adventure and sports minigames.

Kinect Adventures! uses full body motion to allow the player to engage in a variety of minigames, all of which feature jump-in, jump-out multiplayer play. Each minigame lasts about three minutes. While most of the minigames are co-operative in two player mode, Reflex Ridge is a competitive game. The game also supports Xbox Live multiplayer.

The object of all the minigames is to get the highest number of adventure pins, which are collected in different ways. Adventure pins earn the player(s) medals which, in story mode, affect progression. Medals can be bronze, silver, gold and platinum, in order from least to most pins needed to acquire each.

As a pack-in game, Kinect Adventures! also contains features which aid users in proper set-up and use of the Kinect sensor.

Platforms: Xbox 360


Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing. It's the first game in the Kingdom Hearts series. The game combines characters and settings from Disney animated features with those from Square's Final Fantasy series. The story follows a young boy, Sora, as he is thrown into an epic battle against the forces of darkness. He is joined by Donald Duck, Goofy, and other classic Disney characters who help him on his quest.

The game was a departure from Square's standard role-playing games, introducing a substantial action-adventure element to the gameplay. Kingdom Hearts has an all-star voice cast and includes many of the Disney characters' official voice actors.[6] It was longtime Square character designer Tetsuya Nomura's first time in a directorial position.

Kingdom Hearts was praised for its unusual combination of action and role-playing, as well as its unexpectedly harmonious mix of Square and Disney elements.

Platforms: PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3



The Kirby series is a video game series. The gameplay of a majority of the games in the series consists mainly of action, platform and puzzle-solving elements. The series is known for its bright and artistic settings; simplistic gameplay; cute characters; upbeat, cheerful music; and the protagonist's in-game ability to inhale enemies, thereby gaining a characteristic ability from them. Currently, the Kirby series includes a total of over twenty games.

All of the games in the Kirby series feature a pink spherical creature named Kirby as the main playable character and protagonist. Kirby frequently saves the world he resides in from various powerful antagonists, the most recurring one being King Dedede, the self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land (a region of Pop Star). King Dedede has appeared in every Kirby game except for Kirby & the Amazing Mirror. Another major character of the series is the enigmatic Meta Knight, a chivalrous warrior who often assists Kirby, but, depending on his intentions, will fight against Kirby to get things as he desires.



Knack is a 2013 platforming beat 'em up video game .

Upon release, Knack was met with a mixed critical response; reviewers praised the game's original concept and ideas, but criticized the gameplay, combat and story.

Knack has a skill that allows him to incorporate ice, metal and other substances into his body, giving him new abilities from level to level. Game director Mark Cerny describes the gameplay as "a little bit like Crash Bandicoot, and a little bit like Katamari Damacy," with "a touch of God of War in there."

Platforms: PlayStation 4


Monday, 17 November 2014

Ultimate Board Games - Os

I assembled the "Ultimate Board Games" list, and we are currently working our way through it! So here are the Ns.

(Visit the 0-9, & AsBs, Cs, Ds, Es, Fs, Gs, Hs, Is, Js, Ks, Ls, Ms, Ns)



Obsession is a board game released in 1977 for two players in which the player wins by moving their ten rings along numbered slots. They must get all ten rings into the "safety zone" before their opponent. Each player rolls a pair of dice, and can choose either to move their own rings up, or their opponent's rings down.

The slogan for the game was "The Game You Can't Get Enough Of!"


Okey is a tile-based game. It can be played with 2-4 players, although usually played with 4. It is very similar to the game Rummikub as it is played with the same set of boards and tiles but with different rules.

The game apparently evolved from the original Rummikub through cultural contacts of Gastarbeiter in Germany.

In Turkey and among Turkish communities abroad, it is very popular not only at homes but also at coffeehouses.


Omega Virus

Omega Virus is a talking electronic board game. It involves collecting weapons and room keys to destroy the computer virus which has taken over a space station while either hurting or helping your fellow players.

It is the year 2051. Earth is now orbited by the great 'Battlesat1' station which protects earth from meteor impacts and stray comets with a super payload of plasma weapon silos. However, during a routine maintenance operation, something goes horribly wrong, and the station's master computer is infested by microscopic nano-phages that build a singular intelligence (foreign AI) in the computer core. While the humans aboard the station are forced to evacuate as all support systems shut down, the Earth leadership is contacted by the entity known as the Omega Virus, which threatens to turn the Battlesat's plasma weapons upon the planet. A power struggle ensues between four major global powers (the North American Federation, the Euro-National Force, the Oceanic Republic, and the Asian Alliance) to send a single techno-combatant to destroy the Virus (and potentially the other techno-combatants) and gain control of the Battlesat station for their government. The Techno combatants depart the Hauser airforce base on individual craft, each bound for one of the station's four functioning docking bays where they will battle the Omega Virus--and each other- for control of the space station before the fiendish virus overloads the battlestations master computer and eliminates the techno-warriors.


Operation Game

Operation is a battery-operated game of physical skill that tests players' hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

It consists of an "operating table", lithographed with a comic likeness of a patient with a large red lightbulb for his nose. In the surface are a number of openings, which reveal cavities filled with fictional and humorously named ailments made of plastic. The general gameplay requires players to remove these plastic ailments with a pair of tweezers without touching the edge of the cavity opening.


Othello Game

Orthello is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. There are sixty-four identical game pieces called disks (often spelled "discs"), which are light on one side and dark on the other. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned color facing up. During a play, any disks of the opponent's color that are in a straight line and bounded by the disk just placed and another disk of the current player's color are turned over to the current player's color.

The object of the game is to have the majority of disks turned to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled.



Outrage!, "the official Tower of London board game". Players move about the board, which depicts the Tower of London, and attempt to steal the British Crown Jewels.

The game may be played in either a short or long version. In the former, the first player to successfully escape with (not just steal) any one of the Crown Jewels wins; in the latter, whichever player has the greatest total value of crown jewels (as denoted on the board) after they have all been stolen is the winner. The player with St. Edward's Crown wins if there is a tie.


Sunday, 16 November 2014


I am a huge racing fan now, and most of the car related games in our collection are mine, but there was a time in our lives that was not the case.

My hubby and his then best friend loved racing games and anything sort of twisted was something they gravitated to. I think creeping out their girl friends was high on the list too.  In 1998, hubby and I had just started dating and he got a PC game called Carmaggedon .

At first I really really really hated the game, it was pretty gory for 1997.  Funny thing is now, I don't think you would think it was gory at all.  But the idea behind the game is basically that the player races a vehicle against a number of other computer controlled competitors in various settings, including city, mine and industrial areas. The player has a certain amount of time to complete each race, but more time may be gained by collecting bonuses, damaging the competitors' cars, or by running over pedestrians. Races are completed by either completing the course as one would a normal racing game, "wasting" (wrecking) all other race cars, or killing all pedestrians on the level.

Basically if you just drive around running over people you don't have to even worry about how long it takes you to complete the race.

I did like that we could turn off the gore, and play as a group. We would drive around and run into each other. Also collecting things would help you win.  I ended up enjoying it, but I didn't like the running over people thing.  This is not a good game for kids, but we were 18 - 20 when we played.

Have you every heard of or played this game?

Saturday, 15 November 2014

App Of The Week: Fairway Blast

So I previously wrote about Fairway, the solitaire game app.  This week I want to tell you about their next version called Fairway Solitaire Blast.

Fairway Solitaire Blast is a completely different game then the fist.  The ground hog is the same, and the graphics as well as "illustrations" is the same.  However this one is more in the "saga" type vein. 

Instead of going into a golf course set, you travel along a map.  You still play "Golf" Solitaire, but instead from the first level you have specialty cards in the deck that blast away a bunch of cards for you.  You can also earn other power ups and stuff.

It's a fun enough game, but I like the classic version better.  This seems more like they saw that the Saga type games are big so they tried to do that.

What Solitaire type games do you like to play?
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