Sunday, 1 February 2015

Jenga Game

We are big on games in our house. I have a huge cabinet that keep them in so that they can be accessible to both my boys aged 2 and 8. I am always looking to add fun games that not only peak their interest but also help improve a skill.

I wanted to share about a new game that we added to our collection. For Christmas my oldest received the new Jenga Quake game from Hasbro. We love the classic block stacking game and enjoy the challenge of pulling out the blocks and hoping we are steady enough not to take out the whole tower. I find that challenging enough sometimes so when I heard about Jenga Quake I kind of hoped my oldest never asked for it LOL.

The new game adds a twist and challenges you in a way I never would of thought would of been possible. So rules are still the same you stack up the blocks and each player takes a turn pulling out a block and placing it on top trying not to tip the tower. But the twist is that this time the base will randomly vibrate causing the blocks to move and shuffle in ways you don't expect. The anticipation will build as you just never know when the big one is going to happen.

The added rush of trying to beat the quake can send players into a tizzy and cause a whole bunch of laughs and giggles as you secretly hope it goes off while your opponents are pulling out their block on their turn.

What I loved about this game is that my oldest could play alone if he wanted. Sometimes he just needs some time to himself and he will often go up to his room and draw or read. But now with this new Jegna game I can sometimes hear it going off as he is playing and then I hear a DARN IT! LOL usually meaning it fell over.

The game includes 36 orange and gray Jenga blocks, base and instructions. It does require 3 ""AA"" batteries that are not included.
I think this is a great game to be included in your family game nights or like I mentioned anytime. Work on sportsmanship, hand, eye coordination and fine motor skills all while having fun.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

App Of The Week: Simson's Tapped Out

With our App Of The Week Series I have had to branch out my normal apps that I play, so I can keep bringing you fun apps to check out.  Since I am running out of ones that I had previously tried, I asked my friends which apps they play. 

Several of my friends said Simpsons Tapped Out, so I thought I would check it out to see what it was like.

If you have ever played Cityville, then you will get the basic gist of this game.  The thing that makes this different of course is the Simpsons connection.  If you are NOT a Simpsons fan, you should probably just skip this game.

If you are a Simpsons fan, and like this type of game, then get it, get it now! 

This game is free, but has some in app purchases available.  The storyline follows what happens when Homer ends up blowing up Springfield, and it needs to be rebuilt.

You start with just Homer, and a challenge to do. As you start doing challenges, you unlock jobs that you can later set Homer to doing.  You will also then unlock more jobs, and more characters. 

I like that stays true to the characters you know on tv, and the tasks can take any number of times and you earn money depending on the time of the job.  The jobs are for different for each person and suits their personalities.  Like for Homer, his involve: watching tv, playing on his myPad, and lounging in the pool.

If you are looking for a brain challenging game, then this is not the game for you.  But if you are looking for a quick, fun game.  Then give this a try!

Friday, 30 January 2015

Star Wars Knitting Patterns

You know that at And She Games we love all things Geeky! Of course, we love Star Wars (who doesn't?), we even have a whole section on it!

I love knitting and drooling over crocheted products, and we also know that our readers love the patterns! So we have a whole totally geeky crafty section you can check out as well!

We decided to do up some Star Wars round ups, with all things Star Wars related.  This is our knitting one, but be sure to check out our Star Wars Crochet Round Up, if you love crocheting!

1. Fairisle Pattern Charts
2. Storm Trooper Golf Club Cover
3. Star Wars Hat
4. AT-AT Knitting Chart
5. Storm Trooper Hat
6. Star Wars Empire Beanie
7. Double Knit Scarf
8. More Star Wars Charts
9. Jedi Square
10. Lars Home
11. Rebel Alliance Hat
12. Death Star
13. Lightsaber Chop Stick Cozy
14. R2D2 Beanie Hat
15. Baby Yoda Sweater
16. R2D2 Kids Hat
17. R2D2 Beanie
18. Erik's Imperial Logo Hat
19. Fettish
20. Felted Baby Yoda Hat
21. Rebel Alliance Cushion
22. R2D2 Hat
23. Yoda Hat
24. Felted Baby Light Saber
25. You Seek Yoda Hat
26. R2D2 Beanie
27. Yoda Baby Bottle Cozy
28. Yoda iPod Cozy
29. Yodagurumi
30. Mace Windu's Jedi LightSaber
31. Felted Light Saber
32. Life Sized R2D2 Cozy
33. Yoda Buddy Blanket
34. R2D2 Can Cozy
35. Princess Leia Hat

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Gamer Girl Giveaways Week of Jan 29

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ultimate Video Games - P

At And She Games we love all kinds of gaming, and all types of games! So we have been curating some Ultimate Game Lists to show off to you!  We have been working our way through the The Ultimate Board Games List for a while now, and would love if you would check that out as well!

We wanted to work on Video Games next.   But first, let me say that there are a lot of video games out there.  Every type and variety, and I am sure we will miss some a long the way.  Also since some games and systems are obsolete and "current" can be a relative term, we went with 2005 and newer, and as many as we can find.

We would love your input on any we may miss along the way!  We would also love to hear your thoughts of some of these games.  If you would like to write a review of the game on our blog (we can link back to your game or business), please email us.

Check out the other letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O


Pandora: First Contact

Developed by Proxy Studios, Pandora: First Contact is a science fiction 4X turn-based strategy game on a planetary scale - a spiritual successor to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

In the future, factions have risen up from opportunities and ideologies independent of governments. Private corporations and religious movements have started wars over greed, ideology and power. Many have died and many lands lay in ruin. Planet Earth has been exhausted and colonial attempts on other planetary bodies have been in vain.

Finally, after decades of exploration, an interstellar probe has brought promise of a new world many light-years away. The most powerful factions have gathered their best men and women to send on a long journey to Pandora. Far from desolate, the earth-like planet has been found to host a plethora of indigenous life forms.

While the gigantic monstrosities inland and at the oceans seem relatively calm, human-sized bugs and fungus are threatening to stop mankind's expansion. As the various factions strive to take control, each will research and develop numerous new technologies, discovering new weapons and industry, whilst opening trade agreements and forging alliances with other factions to gain a foothold. As they spread, they will discover ancient ruins and artifacts from alien civilizations that will grant them advantages over their rivals.


Patrician IV

Based on the franchise that has sold more than two million copies and won the hearts of gamers worldwide, Patrician IV will challenge players to rise up the merchant ranks to become the leader of a burgeoning shipping empire during the late Middle Age in Northern Europe - a time where success in trade could be as rewarding and influential as the power bestowed by noble birth, religious position or political clout.

 Patrician IV's authentic supply and demand-based trading system allows players to grow their business and head out to the high seas to form trading routes with other Hanseatic cities negotiating better prices for the buying and selling of goods. Sea battles keep the pace action-backed, as players combat pirates and enemy players. 


Plant Tycoon

In Plant Tycoon you nurture plants and experiment with increasingly rare and valuable species. The object is to breed and cross breed plants until you find the 6 Magic Plants of Isola and solve the  puzzle. 
You start with a couple of dollars, a handful of seeds, some soil and water. 
Grow plants organize and harvest seeds monitor your plants' health age and maturity and protect your plants from dehydration and infestations. Sell some of your creations to fund your research buy better supplies to use in your Nursery and purchase ornaments to customize your virtual garden.


Plants Vs. Zombies

Get ready to soil your plants… with multiplayer action! A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home.

Defend yourself with an arsenal of home-guardin’ plants to mulchify zombies before they reach your front door. Enjoy all the fun-dead action of the original hit game, plus lively new features. Get twice the zombie-zapping action with 2-player Versus and Co-op modes.

Upgrade and decorate your house in the interactive leaderboard, and check out your friends’ houses, too.

Plants vs. Zombies for XBLA is loaded with seven game modes, new rabble-rousing features, and unlimited replayable action… so the fun never dies! 


Playboy: The Mansion

Playboy: The Mansion combines social simulation with role-playing and empire-building. You'll develop the Playboy mansion, build the brand and start an empire based on the idea of sexual liberation.

But fame and fortune don't come easy - manage your staff, count your money and build the right celebrity contacts to help you get ahead.

As you play, you'll be rewarded by getting to experience the glories of the Playboy Mansion! 




Portal is a new single player game from Valve, creators of Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike. Set in the mysterious Aperture Science Laboratories, Portal has earned over 15 Game of the Year Awards and offers gamers hours of unique gameplay.

The game is designed to change the way players approach, manipulate and surmise the possibilities in a given environment; similar to how Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun innovated new ways to leverage an object in any given situation.

Players must solve physical puzzles and challenges by opening portals to maneuvering objects, and themselves, through space. 


Portal 2

Portal 2 is a hilariously mind-bending adventure that challenges you to use wits over weaponry in a funhouse of diabolical science. 
Using a highly experimental portal device, you’ll once again face off against a lethally inventive, power-mad A.I. named GLaDOS. And this time you won’t be alone. Meet an expanded cast of characters as you think your way through dangerous, never-before-seen areas of Aperture Laboratories. 
Break the laws of spatial physics in ways you never thought possible, with a wider variety of portal puzzles and an expansive story that spans a single player and co-operative game mode. 


Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is a multi-platform video game. The games mark a return to the storyline started by Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the title of four separate games with different storylines.

The Forgotten Sands returns to the storyline established by Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and concluded by Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

The game takes place in the seven-year gap between Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The Prince character is supposed to be a cross between the character models in these two games.


Prison Tycoon

Prison Tycoon is a series of prison themed role-playing games.
They are all published by ValuSoft.

As warden of the most notorious prison in history, it's up to you to run the infamous escape proof prison. It's the end of the line…

  • Brick by brick, steel door by steel door - build your prison from the ground up in Free Play mode or take on preset objectives in Challenge mode.
  • Medals awarded for special achievements, rewarding the player with bonuses
  • Keep 'em busy - put your prisoners to work around the prison cleaning, cooking and maintaining your prison.
  • From fires and gang wars to disease and rat infestations - it's up to you to control the public enemies and maintain a balanced prison.
  • Never underestimate the limitations of Alcatraz - from staff to prisoners you need to plan for everything!

  • =================================================


    Psychonauts are special psychic operatives with powers they use in service to the world's governments. When students begin disappearing from Psychonaut boot camp, a young recruit begins tracking down the mad scientist responsible. Face inner demons and wrestle with other people's nightmares, while accomplishing your mission -- all without going insane. Immersive story injected with lots of humor and lots of imaginative environments 
    Challenging puzzles with alternate solutions that self-tailor to your strategies & abilities

    For years, the Psychonauts have deployed their psychically-armed operatives all over the world, but now there is trouble brewing in their own boot camp. A deranged scientist is abducting camp cadets for their brains! One student, a mysterious and powerful new arrival named Raz, stands alone against the lunatic. Raz must develop and unleash an arsenal of paranormal powers, including his most powerful weapon of all--the ability to launch himself telepathically into the minds of others. Ultimately, he must enter the psyche of his worst enemy and destroy his dark plans at their source. Entering the mind of madman has its challenges, and Raz must struggle to preserve his sanity while he battles to save the day.

    In this third-person shooter, you will explore 13 levels--three that are set in the "real" world, and ten that are set inside the mental jungle-gyms and terrifying prisons of dementia. Journeying through the mind of a lunatic, Raz, you will rise through the ranks as you collect figments of imagination, sort emotional baggage, clear out mental cobwebs, and crack open memory vaults. After you complete special training missions, Raz will learn new psychic powers, such as levitation, telekinesis, invisibility, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, and confusion.


    Monday, 26 January 2015

    Ultimate Board Games - Vs

    I assembled the "Ultimate Board Games" list, and we are currently working our way through it! So here are the Ns.

    (Visit the 0-9, & AsBs, Cs, Ds, Es, Fs, Gs, Hs, Is, Js, Ks, Ls, Ms, Ns, Os, Ps, Qs, Rs, Ss, Ts, Us)


    Vanished! a Game of Mystery

    This game has is 9 cards that show various passengers riding up and down an elevator. Each player has a deck of cards showing the same people, in different poses. The cabin cards are shuffled and laid out face-down in two columns of 5, with a gap and a pawn is placed next to the gap.

    Players call out which person they think is in the cabin and the cabin card is turned up. If you're correct, you dump the matching card from your hand; if not, you keep it. But the cabin card is replaced face-down in the original empty space, not where it was previously. In this way, the cabin cards will be moved around as you play, and you'll have to use your memory to clear your hand to win.


    Villa Paletti

    The Game of Construction Chaos. It's simple and silly at the same time. First, create a stable 1 storey tower using the columns and platforms provided, then build it up and up by moving columns up from lower levels. 
    A fun-filled game for the entire family, where players use their building and balancing skills to win. Take columns from the lower levels to build more levels above. It takes skill. It takes courage. Most of all it takes a steady hand. Now you can recreate Paletti's challenge, but be careful or it will come tumbling down.

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