Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Renaissance Man - Wordless Wednesday

Renaissance Man

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Totally Trektacular Crochet Patterns - Star Trek

Star Trek has a bit of a resurgence since the new cast has taken over the Enterprise.  I have been surrounded by Trekkies my whole life, so while I wouldn't consider myself a Star Trek fan until the new group, I have watched many hours of it over the years.

I thought I would share some Star Trek Crochet Patterns with my fellow geeks!  Also look at our knitting patterns as well!

7. Worf

10. Spock

Monday, 29 June 2015

Totally Trektackular Round Up AKA Star Trek Knitting Patterns

Star Trek has a bit of a resurgence since the new cast has taken over the Enterprise.  I have been surrounded by Trekkies my whole life, so while I wouldn't consider myself a Star Trek fan until the new group, I have watched many hours of it over the years.

I thought I would share some Star Trek Knitting Patterns with my fellow geeks!  Also look out for the crochet patterns as well!

1. Star Trek Pot Holders
2. Star Trek Junior Onsie
3. Star Trek Enterprise Dish Cloth
4. Beer Koozie
5. Star Trek Socks
6. Star Trek Uniform Beer Koozie
7. Deep Space 9 Baseball Hat
8. Vulcan Lyre Pot Holder
9. Star Trek Command Pillows
10. Knitted Glasses Case
11. Fingerless Mittens
12. Ships of Star Trek Hat
13. Borg Fingerless Gloves
14. Dishcloth and Hot Pad
15. Trekking Hat
16. Star Trek Square
17. Baby Trekkie Washcloth
18. Spock Ears
19. Scotty's Hat
20. Spock Chart
21. Where No One Has Gone Before Cowl
22. Live Long and Keep Warm Hat
23. Capt Picard Would Wear These Socks
24. Uhura Wrap
25. Starship Enterprise
26. Vulcan Salute Pot Holder
27. Guinan Hat
28. Montgomery Scott's Hat

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Tips and Tricks for DomiNations; How to Build a Quicker Army

At I mentioned previously, DomiNations is one of my current favourite games. Raiding other players is a big part of the game, which means you are frequently stuck waiting for new soldiers to train (after the last batch got slaughtered). By the time you get to the Classical Age you can have up to three Barracks built. As you likely quickly realized each time you level up one of your Barracks you gain the ability to hold 5 more troops in your army. What you might not have realized, what it took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out, is that if you space out where you train your troops they will be ready much faster.

Let me explain further. Let's assume you currently have zero troops. You click on one of your Barracks, choose to train as many troops as your army can currently hold, and it shows it will take x many minutes to train them. You may notice, each Barracks only holds so many troops, so as they are trained they fill up the space in front of first one camp, and then the next, until all of your troops are trained and all of your Barracks are full.

So the trick here is to not just choose one Barracks to train your troops at, but all of them. For example, in my case I currently have three Barracks with a total Troop Capacity of 65. Assuming I have just managed to wipe out my army and now need to rebuild from 0. I click on one of my Barracks and pick 65 slots worth of troops to train, the timer says it will take 41 minutes until my army is ready.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

My Latest App Obsession.... DomiNations

One day a few weeks back I was in a piss poor mood and I wanted a game to distract myself with. Nothing already sitting on my desktop appealed; either I'd beaten it, played it to death, or just didn't like it that much. So I opened up the app store and randomly browsed around, looking at "editors picks" and the like. I downloaded a few things, which I tried and quickly deleted, until I settled on DomiNations.

DomiNations is one of those "free" time and resource management games whose sole purpose seems to be to rook you into purchasing in game credits with real world cash. I normally go out of my way to avoid these freemium style games, and those I have tried have failed to hold my interest for any length of time. What caught my eye here, and convinced me to download DomiNations and give it a shot, was the name Brian Reynolds. A name that is attached to several blockbuster games, most notably Civilization II.

Okay, so the lead designer from Civ II, a game which sucked away more hours of my life then I'm willing to admit in polite company,  put out  a "build up your nation" style app.... yeah I'm interested.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Hubby and I like playing Lara Croft & The Tomb Raider games together...and by playing together I mean, he uses the controller, and I help him to figure out puzzles when he gets stuck.

Recently he was trying to find some retro games on the Xbox One, since he knows I enjoy those, and well he stumbled across  Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris instead.

This is an action-adventure game, and the sequel to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.  The Lara Croft Series is a spin off of the Tomb Raider Series, which was a first person shooter type game.

We liked the 3rd person shooter style better than the isometric-view which the Lara Croft Series is.  It's easier to see what she is doing when you can get up close like that.  Although in the Temple of Osiris, you can have two players, which you couldn't do with the old style games.

In this game you start out in the Temple of Osiris setting free his wife, and son, which causes you to be cursed.  From that point on, you will have their help while you fight the other gods who have destroyed the temple, while trying to restore the temple. 

Lara has all the same skills as normal: shooting 2 guns, grappling hook, climbing, hanging, etc., as well as a few new toys and weapons.

Through out the game play, you are able to solve puzzles, although we found most to be fairly simple, and didn't really need to try to play around too long.  There are statues through out the tomb that will point you in the direction you need to go, as you can sometimes get turned around.

After a few days, with only playing an hour or two, hubby was able to finish the game, so it's not overly hard to get through. 

But the game was fun, and we would recommend it.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Gamer Girl Giveaways - June 25

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