Friday, 29 May 2015

Lost Games: Altered Beast

Altered Beast is a game from back when I was a kid.  Yes, they did have games back that, it was made out rocks with it being the stone ages and all.  It came out in 1988 and was launched as an arcade fighting game by Sega.

The game is set in Ancient Greece, and follows a centurion who is resurrected by Zeus to rescue his daughter Athena, and to do so becomes able to turn into beasts such as the werewolf with the use of power-ups.  So...totally plausible and all that LOL

After being launched for arcades it was later released for home consoles and computers.

A Roman centurion who had died in battle is resurrected from the dead by Zeus. The centurion is ordered by Zeus to save his daughter Athena from a Demon God called Neff in the Underworld. To become able to withstand the perils, the warrior gets the ability to collect three spirit balls on each level, the last of which transforms him into a human/beast hybrid of formidable power.

After a series of battles in a journey that ends in Dis, the centurion finally defeats Neff and rescues Athena. In the original arcade game, the end credits are interspersed with images of actors in costumes for the different characters and monsters of the game, implying the whole game was a film production.

You can now play Altered Beast on the iPad, and the Nintendo 3DS.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gamer Girl Giveaways - Week of May 28

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Twisty Town, So Good I Downloaded It Twice

We have a few i-devices in the family and they are all hooked one account. A few months back I got a new iPad mini and I decided it would be For Work Stuff Only. No apps to amuse the kids, no folders full of games, just work stuff. However, because we use the same account every time my husband downloads a new game on to his iPod touch it pops up on my iPad mini. Normally I just delete them as they appear, no worries.

 Back in March everyone was sick, we had a period over a month long where sickness was working it's way through the household. So let's just say I wasn't as productive as I might normally be. One night, while laying propped up on the couch with a box of tissue and a nasty cough, I gave up trying to sleep and swiped on the iPad mini. There on the "desktop" sat a handful of new games hubby had downloaded. I was desperate for a distraction so instead of immediately deleting them I opened each game and checked it out. The first few didn't hold my interest but the third game I tried was a winner, Twisty Town. The game play was simple, quick and addictive. I was sucked in. I played through over a dozen levels before I finally set the iPad aside and fell asleep.

The next day I was feeling marginally better. I sat down in the front room, opened the iPad, saw Twisty Town sitting there on the desktop, thought "Oh, just a few rounds won't hurt." and watched an hour of my life disappear. Feeling a bit guilt and remembering how I had sworn that this tablet would be used For Work Stuff Only I deleted the app.

And then I couldn't stop thinking about that stupid game. It niggled at me like an itchy loose tooth. I just had this burning urge to play more Twisty Town. I couldn't get it out of my mind. Eventually I caved and downloaded the game back onto my device, and then I played it incessantly for an afternoon or so until I came to the final level. Having beat level 50 the game was over, I had "won". So what did I do? Did I delete the game and return to being a productive individual? Nope. Instead I went back and played it again until I had three stars on each level. Yeah, I've got a problem.

So what's so great about Twisty Town?

The game is very easy to pick up and learn. The basic principle involves swiping rings on your touch screen to make them line up. It starts out super simple, twist the rings and line up the characters, and slowly ramps up as they introduce new elements in later levels. Basically you twist rings, line up tools with characters to create items which you them deliver to other characters sitting just outside the concentric rings. Of course there's a timed element, so you're trying to do all of this as quick as possible.

It's quirky and cute. I like the "paper art" style, and the story line involves robots, mad scientists, ghosts, and bacon. What's not to love?

What about you guys? Have you tried Twisty Town? What's your favourite "timed resource management" style game?

Monday, 25 May 2015

This Thing Needs a Kickstart

So we have all heard of KickStarter and we know there are an overwhelming amount of choices out there for games that need a little kick start to get going.

I thought I would share 5 of them here:

1.  Bloxels - With Bloxels, you can use physical blocks to build customizable video games for your tablet or smartphone. Create a layout on the gameboard. Capture it on camera. Customize it in our app. Test it out and make it awesome. Then, challenge your friends and try to beat other people’s creations. As you play, you can earn coins and gems that unlock new tools and larger gaming environments. It’s recommended for players 8 and up, but it’s fun for game-lovers of all ages.

Oh man do I want to play this, and I want it for my boys! This looks awesome!

2. Foodtown Throwdown - Foodtown Throwdown takes a tongue-in-cheek look at food trends to build a game all about creating the best food truck business in town. Humor plays a central role as players compete against each other for ridiculous ingredients to complete recipes to add to their menus with absurd results. A grilled cheese sandwich on banana bread? Sure thing. A duck meat hot dog with purple potato fries? Coming right up! You'll also need to establish your territory and publicize your truck, but watch out for attempts at sabotage from the other players!

This looks like a game that would be fun to give a try at least for a go around and see if it becomes a favourite or not. I would try it for sure.

3. Yooka-Laylee - Yooka-Laylee is an all-new 3D platformer from the creative talent behind the Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country games. We’ve come together to form Playtonic Games and create a spiritual successor to our most cherished work from the past!

This game is 100% backed and then some. They have reached all their stretch goals and keep adding more.  This seems to be highly anticipated and will be interesting to watch how it does once it is actually out.

4. HotterKeys - HotterKeys is a game for Mac and PC that teaches you keyboard shortcuts on an adventure through spacetime as Olivia, an otter who's trying to protect Otterspace from it's slow menu driven destruction.

It'll be a bit like Mavis Beacon meets Katamari Damacy.

Nothing says fun game like learning hot keys?   I know it's a useful thing, and yes it would be something that people could gain knowledge from.  I am just not thinking there is a high demand for this sort of fun.

5. Wombat Rescue -

Did you know that wombats poop cubes?

It's true!

Scientists theorize that, due to extremely poor vision but an excellent sense of smell, wombats use their poop cubes as "smell markers" to help them navigate their environment. Because their poop is cube-shaped it is less likely to roll away or be moved.

In this novel game by designer Matt Wolfe, you play a Mama wombat. The dastardly dingo has stormed your burrow and chased away 4 of your baby wombats! You will need to eat and digest food in order to produce poop cubes, with which you will build smell areas so you can navigate your environ­ment, find your baby wombats, and bring them home. The player who best plans their smell areas and moves most efficiently will find their 4 babies, bring them home and prove vic­torious!

This is funded.  I am not really sure what to think about that! LOL But I am sure a game about poop and wombats would be a hit around here. LOL

So what KickStarter game would you throw your money behind?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Our Top 4 Kid Friendly Card Games

In the Knit Wit house, we play a lot of games together as a family, or myself and the boys.  As a parent sometimes it is hard to find games that you don't mind playing, but is also kid-friendly.  We have some basic ones that we play on a regular basis here, and I know Deanna plays different games with her kids! So be sure to check out here posts on kid friendly games as well!

Here are the 4 we play the most in our house:

1. Go Fish - Yes I know you are thinking one of 2 things: 1. DUH I could've figured that one out on my own.  OR 2. That isn't all that fun for us adults.  Both things are true, but we are looking for kid friendly games, and ones you won't hate playing.  Plus it is fast which to me is the key sometimes.  The boys are happy that I played with them and like playing.  If it didn't take a super long time, or they haven't lost their minds, we can play several rounds.  The best parts of this are that it is easy for a kid, it helps them with their numbers and matching, and you can get through it rather fast before boredom or excitement sets in. 

2. WAR - Ok this is one of those ones that can be long, but it is super easy, and mindless.  It helps the kids know which is higher, lower, and the same.  You can either just play with 2 of you by splitting the deck in half, or you can deal it as many players as you want!  It's just plain easy.

3. UNO - This is one of those games, kids or no kids, I enjoy playing this game.  The boys love playing, and hubby and I actually enjoy it.  It's a classic game, and it took a bit of explaining for the boys, but there are times when we are laughing so hard we have tears in our eyes.   It is fun, and has basic strategy play.  It helps the boys start thinking about strategy, and how to keep someone else winning.

4. Skip-Bo - I taught my boys to play this in a few minutes! This is another game that I enjoy playing on a regular basis, with or without the kids.  My youngest learned this game in a few minutes, and it is something that they can play strategies with and actually beat me.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

App Of The Week: Harvest Swap

app review - app of the week
I have to admit I am a Farmville 2 fan. I play it regularly and it is mindlessly good fun.

When I am on my phone, I don't play Farmville, as I don't like that version so much, so I am usually doing match 3 or card games.

I was playing Matching With Friends with a friend of mine, when one of the ads was for FarmVille: Harvest Swap!  I clicked on it, and immediately downloaded it.

It is similar to every other match 3 type game of course.  So yes it has a Farmville flair but you aren't in for anything too out of the norm, and what you have come to love with match 3.

If you are a Farmville fan, than you should give this a shot for sure.

The game has all the normal Farmville characters and the same actions such as "harvesting water" and "grinding feed".  You will even get bonuses for prizing a fruit.

They have FarmVille stories, and sections that will draw you into the game:
• Barn’s a Blazing – Save your barn from the fire by matching water droplets
• Bunny Bonanza – Adorable bunnies have invaded your crops; feed them carrots to keep them full
• Hungry Farm – You’ve run out of feed and the animals are getting antsy
• Cold Snap – Brrr! Don’t let that cold frost get your crops
• Chasing Chickens – Your chickens have run amok and only you can get them back in the coop

You can choose to play online or offline, and it's a free download.  Of course, with every Zynga owned game there are in app purchases, but you can have all kinds of fun, and not at all hindered if you don't spend money on it.

This is my latest addiction game.
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