Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Doc McStuffins Operation Game

All 3 of my boys love Doc McStuffins! It's one of those wholesome kids shows without having too much stuff for "babies".

My oldest really likes trying to figure out what is wrong with his own toys, and watching his Daddy fix them.  My middle one just tries to give us diagnosis all the time.  Like "Mommy, you have wet-hair-osis".  Um yeah I just got out of the shower :P

My oldest is all about fixing things and how electronics work.  So, I wasn't surprised when he came home telling me all about a new game called "Operation".  He learned about it at school, and he then proceeded to tell my hubby and I how to play - even after we explained we had played! LOL

He has been asking for a home version, so we will be giving him this awesome Doc McStuffins version from Hasbro!

Doc McStuffins is under the weather, and it's up to you to operate! Can you fix his boo-boos without tripping off the buzzer? Use your best operating moves to remove his ailments, and be the one to use the most bandages to win!
This is a fun game that leverages the kids love of Doc McStuffins to help with fine motor skills, and fun!

This is going under our tree for sure!

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