Friday, 22 November 2013

Game of Life Fame Editions

Ever since I was old enough to play, my parents and I would play the original Game of Life! It was a really fun game, and I have great memories of playing with my family.

I remember playing one time, and my dad kept stepping on squares that said to get another baby!  He had run out of spots in his little car, and had to pile them up laying down, and they kept falling off!  LOL So we gave him a second car to hold on the kids he got!  In the end he was bankrupt and we told him it was all those kids.

Of course when I was playing with them I was too young to be married, or have kids, and we would laugh and laugh about me being married or having kids. 

The memories of playing the Game of Life, and other games with my family are some of the greatest ones I have from growing up.  We would go camping and bring the board games.  We would play outside on the porch of the cabin we were staying in and watch nature walk up.

I have been wanting to get a Game of Life, although most of my boys are too young to play. My oldest is getting old enough now, that I can't wait to play with him!   Hasbro has just reinvented a bunch of their classic games, making them new and fresh again.

Play The Game of Life, celebrity style! How will you make it in The Game of Life Fame Edition? Whatever career you choose, you can live the lifestyle of a star by playing The Game of Life Fame Edition. Will you be a supermodel, a pop singer, a pro athlete or a movie star? Travel along the star-studded path in your stretch limo while building an entourage, making money and elevating your star status! You'll pop silver pegs into your limo as you add members to your entourage. Your agent, stylist or personal assistant will get you money, fame and access to the best events! Depending on which Action card you get, you might have to sing a song, strut your dance moves, or rap an acceptance speech! But spend your cash wisely on your road to fame, because the only way to win is to collect 5 Star Cards!
The Game of Life Fame Edition lets you play as a supermodel, pop singer or other star-studded careers! Build an entourage in your limo to get money, fame and VIP access! Collect a salary and live the life of a star! You'll have to sing, dance or rap depending on the Action Cards you draw. Collect 5 Star Cards to win!

The new version of the game of life is the Fame Edition!  You build an entourage instead of a "family".  The board is also reversible to keep it fresh!  I know sometimes after playing so often we had the squares memorized LOL So we would know what was coming and it took some of the fun out of it.  It was still fun, but there was no element of surprise.

Also with this one you collect star cards.  When someone gets 5, they win.  I can see how this has the potential to shorten the game some.  Which I know with 5 people the original could take a long time sometimes.  Which is good, but with younger kids it can go beyond their attention span.

This makes a great addition to the game library of your board game loving friends on your gift giving list.


  1. Hi, my husband and I just started playing this game. We are in the first 5 minutes of the game and can't find any rules on the entourage part of the game. The scenario we are in is that my husband has drawn 2 entourage cards that he already has and wants to know if he gets his money back/is s.o.l/ or redraws. Any ideas?

  2. i am pretty sure u cant but not 100%


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