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Crochet Patterns & Knitting Patterns for Gamers

72 Gaming Themed Patterns for Knit & Crochet

I know quite a few knitters and crocheters who love gaming!  So I thought why not find patterns from around the internet for those that love knitting, crocheting, and gaming as much as I do!  Please note that my criteria for this was that they must be FREE.  I found many other cool gaming ones that were not free patterns but they are not included here.

We tried to think of as many games as we could to share with you, and search for the patterns.  If you know of any that aren't included here, send us a link to the pattern and we will add it to the next round up!

Game Pieces
1. XBox 360 Controller

Travel Games to keep Kids Busy
2. Kids Game Bag (with various games: dominoes, checkers, etc)
3. Fishing Game
4. Checkers and Tic Tac Toe

Adventure of Tintin
5. Snowy The Dog Hat

Alien Hominid
6. Alien Hominid Amigurumi

Angry Birds
7. Angry Birds Cell Phone Case
8. Angry Birds Hat Geeky Chic
9. Red Plush Toy
10. Red Knitting Chart
11. Angry Birds Amigurumi Pattern

12. Big Daddy Bouncer
13. Big Daddy Bouncer 2

14. Borderlands Claptrap Amigurumi
15. Borderlands 2 Vault Symbol Crochet hat

Candy Crush
16. Candy Crush Saga Man and Girl
17. Candy Crush Knitted Necklace

18. Checker Board
19. Checkersboard
20. Crochet Checker Board
21. Gingerbread Checker board
22. Checkers Game Bag
23. On The Roll Checkers Game
24. Checkers Game Crochet Afghan

25. Crochet Chess Pieces
26. Cork and Crochet Knights

Cut the Rope
27. Om Nom Plush

28. Retro Dominoes Afghan

29. Domo-Kun Plush

Dungeons and Dragons
30. D&D D20

Final Fantasy
31. Final Fantasy Black Mage
32. Fat Moogle
33. Chocobo
34. Travel Moogle
35. Moogle Pattern
36. Cactuar Amigurumi

Game of Thrones
37. Stark Winter is coming Banner

Guitar Hero
38. Guitar Hero Scarf

39. Plasma Grenade

40. Ilomilo Character Beanie Hat Set

Katamari Damacy
41. Katamari Prince

42. Amigurumi Kirby

Legend of Zelda
43. Legend of Zelda Play Set
44. Deku Mask

Little Big Planet
45. Sackboy

Magic The Gathering
46. Mana Symbols
47. White Mana Hat

Megaman Battle Network
48. Megaman Amigurumi

49. Minecraft Creeper Hat
50. Minecraft Creeper Dishcloth Pattern
51. Amigurumi Minecraft Creeper

Noby Noby Boy
52. Cattoy Redux

Pacman/Ms. Pacman
53. Crochet Pac Man and Ghosts
54. Ms. Pacman

55. Goblin

Plants Vs Zombies
56. Pea Shooter Armigurumi
57. Zombie Beanie Hat
58. Zombie Conehead Hat

Portal 2
59. Portal 2 Playset

60. Qbert Plush

Red Castle Crashers
61. Knit Armigurumi

62. Scrabble Afghan

Settler of Catan
63. Settlers of Catan Afghan
64. Settlers of Catan Purse

Sonic the Hedge Hog
65. Sonic Plushie
66. Tails Plushie

67. Zergy
68. Baneling Amigurumi

69. Tetris Knitting Pattern Blanket

70. Horde Banner
71. Venomhide Ravasaur
72. Amigurumi Hearthstone

Bonus Patterns:
Botanical Creatures of the Undead

Disclosure:  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. What a great list! Thank you for sharing these, love the tetris blanket!

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  3. Wow awesome love Scrabble Afghan ... thanks for sharing :)
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  4. I found many other cool gaming ones that were not free patterns but they are not included here. animator expo myanimelist


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