Thursday, 21 November 2013

Words With Friends

I love playing games…obviously LOL  I am a board game girl, but I married a video game guy.  I mean I love video games, and social type games too.  I really like playing anything with friends, although I am a wee bit (ok completely) competitive.  My hubby isn't really into sitting down and playing board games.  I think it's because he feels like they take too long.  A video game he can just save and stop whenever he is done for now.  A board game you sort of need to sit down and finish it, but you can't usually just do it as you have 5 minutes.  He will play more of the social apps with me as he can fit it in whenever.

He has played scrabble with me, but Words with Friends he hasn't downloaded it because he has too many people who are into it and they would all send him words LOL  Too much commitment haha!

So what's a wife to do when she wants to play Words With Friends with her hubby who won't download the app?? Getting him the Words With Friends Board Game!

The wildly popular word game app comes to life in this cool magnetic Words With Friends game! You can hang the metal gameboard on a wall or lay it flat or take it with you so you can play anywhere, and write scores, player names and other messages on it. Build words with the magnetic tiles to score points in Classic play, the Words With Friends game you already know and love. Or you can try Letter Up play, a brand new version for busy people who share a space and want to play Words With Friends when they're not together! Build on each others' words and score points for the big win. Let the wordie wars begin, whenever and wherever, with this magnetic Words With Friends game!
Words With Friends game lets you play on a magnetic game board! Tiles stick to the game board! 2 ways to play in shared spaces! Keep track of scores and players with the dry-erase marker. Hang the board on a wall, lean it or take it with you.

The beauty of this game is that it is magnetic!  So you can put it up somewhere that you can both access it (like the fridge!).  It has a white board section where you can keep score, or leave notes.  So you can write that it's their turn, and move on.  Next time they walk by they can take their turn.  Of course you can also write family notes if needed.

This is taking the fun of Words With Friends to a board game level!  I am really enjoying the Hasbro & Zynga Games! They have a selection of the app games that I love in Board Game format! These make great games for your board game loving friends, or your Zynga game loving friends too!


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  2. I did not know that this game was magnetic!! My stepdaughter needs help with her spelling and well, doesn't always have the attention span that I would like, so maybe hanging this up we could play a game as we go. I think she would find that fun! And, shhh, she won't know that I have an different motive of learning!! hehe


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