Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Flick Wars: A Fun & Strategic Dex Game, Kickstarter Ends Thursday

Flick Wars is a dex game where you flick small wooden disks around. The disks, which represent army units, duke it out in last man standing fashion. You can play with up to four players. The two vs two team variant is personally my favourite way to play.

With just 45 hours left to go, it seems unlikely that this kickstarter will get funded. And that's a shame. I was privileged enough to try out a beta copy and the game is solid. I normally detest dexterity games, but this had enough strategic components to it to keep me interested. And the 3-D terrain, particularly the small hills built by placing things under the play mat, made things surprisingly fun.

Check out my husband's full & detailed review over HERE.

Or better yet, go back the kickstarter and snag a copy before the opportunity passes by (the kickstarter is ending on Thursday May 15th at 10pmEST).

It seems like a crying shame that this kickstarter isn't going to fund, you should at the very least go give it a look-see before the clock runs out.

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  1. This game looks like a lot of fun ! , I would love to try it out :)


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