Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Star Wars Must Have Products

Must have products

We just celebrated Star Wars Day, and we wanted to highlight some of our favourite Must Have Products from the Franchise!

1. Star Wars Books from DK Publishers 

Complete Vehicles

Whether you are looking for a reference book, a book to teach your kids to read, or just a fun read they have everything you need for the the Star Wars fan of every age.  We have tried a lot of the learning to read series.  Recently we checked out the Star Wars Sith Wars Adventures, Star Wars The Secret Life of Droids, and Star Wars Complete Vehicles books. Both The Secret Life of Droids and Star Wars Complete Vehicle books are high end quality hard cover books with quality pictures, and interesting facts.  The Adventures book is engaging and aimed at kids.  We highly recommend Dk books.

2. Star Wars The Black Series Figures from Hasbro

These figures come in 2 different sizes: 3.75" Figure, and 6" Figure.  Both sizes are extremely detailed, with accessories.  They are high end collectible quality pieces that you can display or you can play with.  I gave my hubby and son each one at Christmas.  My husband has his on display in it's original packaging, and gets comments from his buddies at work on it.  My son plays with his and they stand up to all kinds of rough play as all 3 boys have tested it out.

3. Champion Edition LightSaber 

Light Saber from Star Wars

Your own replica LightSaber?  Ok who wouldn't want this?  It is pricy but are look amazing and very realistic!  They make real sounds, and would make a great addition to your collection, or costume for your next Con!

4.  I love you, I know Star Wars Mugs

These are perfect mugs for any couple, and would make a great anniversary or wedding gift.  Heck they would be fun just for you.  Plus they show off your love of Star Wars...  Plus they hold coffee.... 'nuff said.

5. Star Wars Prints 

There are several classy prints out there that don't look like you went to the movie theatre and stole their poster, or were shopping at Walmart.  These art pieces lend a touch of sophistication that will add to the style of your house.  We have a few geeky collections but don't like to have our home feel like it is over run by them.  A few touches here and there. This would fit in perfectly.

6. R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

As an avid baker, I am always looking for new fun tools, and this R2-D2 baking set from Think Geek is sheer awesomeness, and it's a great price too!

7. Han Solo Ice cube Tray

Ok how could you not love the Han Solo ice cube tray? Seriously??? It works with chocolate too!!! I think these would be awesome for a Star Wars party (oh heck just for a boring Tuesday too).  Imagine having Han ice cubes, and Han Chocolate Party favours?!?  Oh I could do so much with this.....

8. Chewbacca Lunch bag

Holy geez does this make me laugh! A Chewbacca lunch bag?? One that is not only awesome looking, you can pet it, and is useful?? Plus it's Star Wars.  You will automatically know if someone is not cool when they ask what is up with that lunch bag.  You than have permission to GASP that they don't know this is Chewbacca and you can possibly never have to speak with them again (if you so choose because "DUDE They didn't know who Chewbacca was" is a valid reason).

9. R2-D2 Trash Can

Do I have to even explain this?? Because it's R2-D2, and a garbage can!!! Look how cute that is! Seriously you know that everyone will want to clean up your house, just so they can throw something in the garbage!  He looks very realistic, and it sure as heck beats my ugly black cheapo looking garbage can.

10. Princess Leia Infant Hair hat

If I had a baby girl.....I would have this!  They do have Yoda ones too.  They are so cute, and awesome, and of course anything handmade, especially with yarn is a winner in my books.  You might even be able to talk the artisan into doing an adult size if you give the measurements needed.

11. Han Solo Carbonite iPhone Case

Check out this amazing iPhone case!  It is a perfect addition to not only protect your phone, but to show off your love of Star Wars, and let's face it...it's just plain cool!  

12. Fit and Flare Dress 

This super cute dress comes in several different styles: Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO and Boba Fett!  It is fitted at the top and flares out at the bottom!  It is cute for hanging out at home, or doing every day running around!  Or say you are going to a CON but don't want to be all hard core costumed up. This would be a great compromise! And ...I sort of really really want one! or 4.

13. Lego Death Star

Who does not want to own their own Death Star?  Really.  You know you have a few people you would like to consider as your practice targets ;)  Oh...no.... just me??? We have the Millennium Falcon from the Lego Series, and it's pretty awesome!  We would love to add the Death Star to our set!

14. Princess Leia Costume

You can grab one of these....or any of the Princess Leia costumes they have a wide variety.  Of course I suspect all the hubbies or male significant others would suggest this one! LOL I also recommend having a sexy version on hand, just to make you feel a little sexy from time to time.

15. I love you, I know Star Wars Rings

I love fun and funky rings, and ones that hubby and I can wear that match is fun!  The I Love You, and I Know set is a cute couple set of rings that are an inexpensive adjustable size rings that make a great fun accessories.  These are not high end pieces, just fun costume jewelry to throw on from time to time.

16. Star Wars Hand painted Shoes

If you are a shoe lover these are a MUST have.  They are hand painted masterpieces! This lady will provide you with the shoes (or you can supply the shoes to her), and she will hand paint the design on the shoes!  Her skills are amazing, and each pair of shoes is a unique master piece.

17. Storm Trooper Undies

Who can't use new undies? I find cute undies make me feel extra cute, and knowing I have fun ones makes me smile!  Aren't these cute? This artisan has several different styles of undies, and handmade clothes pieces inspired by Star Wars (and other shows we love).

18. Darth Vader Hello Kitty Earrings

Confession time - I am not really a Hello Kitty fan...but these are just too awesome not to include.  Seriously this is one Kitty I could get into! Darth Kitty!!! These are handmade plastic earrings that are sealed to last.  The artisan makes many other characters as well.

19. Ewok Tea Bag holder

I am always looking for cute accessories for my kitchen, and these Ewok Tea Bag holders are adorable, and handy! They could work as a spoon rest too!  She hand paints each piece with the character, and has several different Star Wars pieces...including an R2-D2 tea pot as well.

20. Star Wars Ring

These are cupcake rings, and would be great as a party favour or just something fun at a Halloween party or as something fun to put at your booth if you are selling some of your collectibles!  I would totally wear one of these as something silly and fun!

Ok what would you add to this list??


  1. I love the . Chewbacca Lunch bag ... too cute rafflecopter name Treen Gopodwin

  2. What fun products! I especially like the R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set and garbage can!


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