Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nerdblock Jr June Box #NerdBlock

Monthly subscription box -

Each month I anxiously check my mailbox just waiting for one certain box to come in.  You see, I have always been a "mystery box/bag" junkie! I love getting a box or bag of unique things I might not have normally thought of to purchase for myself....and it's like getting a present.

So of course I am waiting for my Nerdblock.  I get either a Nerdblock, or Nerdblock Jr.  Both are extremely awesome, but I do love that the original Nerdblock comes with a t-shirt.  This month I received the Nerdblock Jr.

If you love to win awesome nerdly giveaways, you can follow them on Facebook (or you can keep an eye on our page as I always share them there).

This month we were sent another awesome box of goodies.  This was the same as every other Nerdblock I receive, I pull out an item and say "Yup!  (insert name of boy) would love this", and then pull out the next, and repeat until I run out of things!

Dragons Defenders of Berk

Who doesn't love Dragons, and want to own their own?  
We received the awesome figure from Dragons, Defenders of Berk

I am sure my boys aren't the only ones that love building blocks and Spider-Man!
This Mega Bloks set brings it together! Awesome!

 You know how they have all those cutesy girly erasers? (The ones I loved as a little girl)
Check out this awesome Angry Birds Star Wars eraser!
It's one even my boys will love!

My boys love Lego, Star Wars, and reading....
so I don't have to tell you how awesome this book from Scholastic is

 Another Mega Bloks creation! 
My boys love mixing their sets so you know they will add this in with one of their other Mega Bloks sets.  Oh and is it wrong that I want to open it and steal it if it is Smurfette?

So...what thing do you wish you had?  Or are you going to subscribe now to Nerdblock Jr?


  1. Oh, I may have to subscribe to Nerd Block too! Super cool!

    1. I love mine! The boys love each and every one we get!

  2. I subscribed for the Horror Block on this site but this looks like a great box to get too.

  3. The last time we played backgammon, thankfully it was the board version because the whole thing ended up against the far wall. Advice to newlyweds...always let the husband win! I now play only computer games.

  4. I would love one of those Angry Birds erasers.

  5. Great stuff...may have to get a subscription.

  6. These look great. I subscribe to the Horror type and there are great things in that one too.


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