Sunday, 12 October 2014

Why I Am Not Allowed to Play Fuzion Frenzy Anymore

Back when Fuzion Frenzy first came out my then boyfriend (now hubby), our 2 friends, and myself all use to play video games and board games together.  The thing about this is, I am a highly competitive person, and usually it was fine.

We got this game, and started to play.  Well I sucked.  I sucked bad, and it was ok when our friend sucked too. We sort of would compete with each other to see who would suck less.

Well she had access to the game, and practiced. She got better, and I just couldn't master it.  My brain doesn't wrap itself around all those buttons on the XBox controllers very well.  I like the old Nintendo ones, the old Atari ones, and now the Wii ones work well for me.  But way too many buttons on the XBox controller.

So, she got good, and I still sucked, and well you have to compete head to head with everyone else.  So yeah, pretty much it was them all having fun, and me getting frustrated with myself, and then in turn with them.

What comes next reminds me of the Monica thing on Friends where they always talk about the "incident" when it comes to a certain game. Well... yeah.... so I got mad, pretty much told everyone off and stormed out.

We didn't play that game again.  But then I got a free brand new copy of Fuzion Frenzy 2, and so hubby was skeptical about playing with me.  I assured him I was more mature, and sophisticated now.

We started playing, and about 5 minutes in, I was getting angry and frustrated!  Hubby turned it off, and made a rule that I am not allowed to play Fuzion Frenzy makes me angry!

So confess.... do you have any games you aren't allowed to play?

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