Friday, 12 December 2014

Playing Balderdash

When I was a teenager we use to go to my Aunt's for Christmas (early December), and hang out for the weekend.  They lived in a small town on one of the Thousand Islands, so in the winter there wasn't a lot for us to do.  We would usually stay inside and play board games.

When I say I was a teenager, I mean like 13-18.  So keep in mind...some of the time I was playing this I was a 13 yr old kid playing with my Aunts, Grandmother, Mother, and Sisters, as well as cousins.  The game that was most often played was Balderdash.

Our Aunt was a teacher, and has a very big vocabulary so often times when we were playing Balderdash (a game where you are given uncommon words and have to come up with possible meanings to convince people that is the right word), my aunt would kick butt.  Well....for the first little while anyways.

You see, my Aunt likes wine, but doesn't drink too much...until she is distracted with the game.  She will sip some wine, sip some wine, sip some wine while writing words, moving dice, and basically not realize how much she sipped.  She would top up her glass without thinking about it.

Basically at the start of the night, we couldn't beat her. Every one would pick her word definition thinking it was right, and since only 2 seemed possible, she knew the other was the correct one.  Well after a few glasses of went down hill. 

Every single definition she put would be a sexual innuendo, or blatant.  Keep in mind...I am young, and playing with my Mom and adults who think I am innocent and have a pure little mind.  However, they all knew my sister so I don't know why they would think I didn't know these things.

Anyway, at first I would start out pretending I didn't know these things, but I would go red and try no to giggle.  After a few turns they would know I knew more than I should.  After a few years they would say "Where did you learn all this stuff??" My response?? I've played Balderdash with you people for the last 4 years...I am not as innocent as I use to be. 

Since I am slightly competitive, and was getting pretty good at the game, there were times when I was setting up the game, I would set out an extra large full glass of wine for her to start! LOL

Some of my best memories are from playing Balderdash with my slightly tipsy Aunt. 

Have you every played Balderdash?

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