Friday, 23 January 2015

NASCAR Kart Racing


Since I love NASCAR so much, I get a lot of things as gifts that are related to NASCAR, and racing. I, of course, don't mind one bit.  Most of the things I have on my wishlist anyway.  My hubby got me NASCAR Kart Racing game previously.

This is a fun racing game, where you get to be NASCAR drivers, and one of their team mates.  I, of course, am always Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Once my hubby tried to be funny, and picked Dale Jr first.  Things did not go well for him.  #1 rule when playing this game - Do NOT take another person's favourite driver to spite them :P  You don't mess with someone's favourite driver.  Oh and I may have broken the rule when I made him restart, and I picked Dale Jr and his team mate of Jimmie Johnson (hubby's favourite driver).  He handled it better than I did.

I love that you get to race at the NASCAR tracks (as well as some other ones), and you get to have your team mate.  You can use drafting and when you fill up your meter you can then slingshot past the competition. As long as you stay locked together it will keep filling and you can keep going.  Of course the other team mates are trying to stay together while tearing you 2 apart.

I liked this as a racing game, even if you aren't a NASCAR fan, but like Mario Kart, you would still like this game.  It has some fun twists. 

You can play single player or multi-player modes.  In single player you still get a team mate, but you are moving up in your career, or can do season modes.

This was a fun game with a NASCAR twist.

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