Sunday, 8 February 2015

It Boggles The Mind

So I have talked before about playing Battleship with my older, and all the fun we had.  Well I have 2 sisters.  My younger sister and I played a lot together a lot when we were kids.

We came up with our own games all the time, like the card game War we played on up and down the stairs and my grandparents house. Our relatives would give us board games, and other types of games as gifts.


One year my younger sister received Boggle.  My younger sister has a learning delay, and the thought was that if she played this it might help her in some areas that were hard for her.  Well as it turned out, her delay actually helped her quite a bit to win this game. She loved playing this with me the most.

You see for me coming up with short words in a square was hard. I tend to get overwhelmed with too many things in a small space and can't think anything, oh and that freaking timer counting down would stress me out.

For her, she excels with short words, and long ones are trickier for her. Oh and the timer didn't phase her at all. She kicked my butt royally.  And seeing as I was the older sister, and also the one that is fairly observant as well as can remember what has been played and things, I tended to beat her at most games.

Although there were a few times I was laughing so hard I would be crying because one of her issues involves reading and spelling.  So sometimes there would be a word that she would put down, and I was like HUH how did you spell that? And she was like right here, and would show me the letters and it would be a word that sounded like it was spelled this way, but wasn't.  So I would try to gently explain no that's not right.  Well her being the youngest and all she would just say "Well it's close enough and it sounds right so I am counting it".  And no amount of logic was going to change the fact that she was taking the points for that. 

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