Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Seagate Duet Hard Drive Giveaway

So I currently have a great addition to any gamers stash of gaming accessories! And I thought I would share it here:

When you are married to a long time computer nerd, and are a review blogger, you get excited about reviewing things like hard drives.  Also you learn that you can never have too many external hard drives.

This time hubby was able to check out the Seagate Duet Hard Drive.  It's a cloud-syncing Portable Hard Drive for Amazon Drive.  Seagate and Amazon Drive have partnered together to offer a hard drive, and cloud storage for back up in one simple to use device.

Of course when my hubby saw the box for the Seagate Duet, he snatched it up.  I know very little about these things so I told him he could keep it if he was willing to review it for me.


Read more and Enter to Win

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