Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Show Your Gamer Love with These FREE MEEPLE VALENTINES

Ok guys, I've got something a little oddball to share with you today; meeple Valentine's for board gamers!

It's hard to find the perfect Valentine for a board gamer (aside from, you know, new games.. can never go wrong there, right?) Last year I was searching around the internet, looking for some board game themed Valentine's Day cards to share with my kids and I discovered that there wasn't much out there. So I decided to make my own cheesy meeple Valentines. With the aid of my pint sized assistants, I took a bunch of photos of different set ups my girls created using meeple, animeeple and other various board game components.I cleaned up the photos. I added cheesy Valentine's Day wording, and voila, meeple Valentine's!

So here it is, a dozen ways to say "I love you" to the gamer geek in your life. Feel free to print these, or use them to send eCards (but only for your personal non-commercial use, please).

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